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Welcome to our enchanting corner of the world, where love stories come to life through the lens. We are your dedicated storytellers and memory weavers in the realm of wedding photography and videography.

What impressed us most about Neil & David was their ability to capture the essence of our relationship. They truly took the time to understand our story and what mattered most to us as a couple, ensuring Their photos and videos reflected our unique bond. Looking through the images and videos, we were transported back to the magic of our wedding day, reliving every laugh, tear, and heartfelt moment.

Sophie & Kevin

David’s attention to detail is truly remarkable. He has an exceptional eye for composition and lighting, creating stunning and artistic shots that exceeded our expectations. David perfectly encapsulated the beauty of our venue and the emotions felt by everyone present. The final edited shots he presented to us was nothing short of breathtaking and far surpassed anything we could have imagined.

Andrew & Felicity

On the day of the wedding, David & Neil arrived well-prepared and exuded a calming presence. They seamlessly blended in with our guests, capturing candid shots that perfectly portrayed the joy and love shared throughout the day. They effortlessly managed to capture every crucial moment, from the exchanging of vows to the first dance, ensuring that we can relive these memories for a lifetime.

Paula & Adam

From our very first meeting the guys at Vivid displayed a genuine passion for capturing the unique moments and emotions that define a wedding. Their warm and friendly personality immediately put us at ease, and it felt like we were working with close friends rather than just a photographer and videographer.

Katy & Jack

Wedding Photography and Videography